Senator Dick Durbin Must Go.

ABC News: Sen. Durbin Apologizes for Gitmo Remarks

The Democrats have cast the mold by which hateful and mean spirited remarks are to be treated within the U.S. Senate: show no compassion, show no forgiveness.

When Senator Trent Lott made an ill-advised comment at a birthday party for his dear friend and colleague, a man who had served this country for most of his life, the Democrats were adamant in their pursuit of his ouster. No amount of atonement and certainly no apology of any kind would be deemed acceptable. As a result Senator Lott was driven from his leadership position.

So, after belittling and demeaning our brave men and women in the military by his vile comparison between them and those who ran the Nazi Death Camps, the Soviet Gulags, and those who committed Pol Pot’s attrocities in Cambodia, Senator Durbin tries to make things right by making a few remarks after hours when no one was there to hear them. He cried a few crocadile tears and so now things should be all better?

Well I for one believe that he should be held to the very same standard as Senator Lott. No apology can ever repair the pain a suffering he has both caused and reminded us all of. Senator Durbin must be driven from his leadership position. No other course of action should be considered appropriate or sufficient. His reckless and callous demeanor is a disgrace to both his party and the Senate and it should not be tolerated.


3 Comments on “Senator Dick Durbin Must Go.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am also sorry Sen. Durbin “apologized”.

    He should have stood firm and re-asserted his true remarks.

    He should have reiterated that those crimes were exactly what happened in Germany and the Soviet Union.

    He should have called on all American military to remind them that they are sworn to follow all “lawful” orders., just as a Nazi “private” was enjoined at the Nuremberg Trials.

    Shameful that Dick felt it necessary to apologize for the stupidity of those who cannot understand that lowering ourselves to the level of thugs like terrorists not only means we are going to bed with them, but the union only results in more terrorists….

    This Veteran and former Republican says:

    Buck Fush!

  2. AaronInSanDiego says:

    Is the number at the end of your dailykos user id your age or your IQ? You’re either getting smarter or older. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Torture is immoral and un-American — what don’t you understand about that?

    Whether it’s the Viet Cong torturing POWs like John McCain or the Hussein family torturing Iraqi dissidents or Germans torturing Jews, Poles and others torture is IMMORAL and UNAMERICAN.

    Our conservative administration and their cohorts like you shouldn’t be condoning torture of any sort against any person because to do so only drops our great nation to the level of the terrorists and despots. Our brave soldiers didn’t ask to do this — our conservative commander-in-chief and his conservative civilian leaders at the Pentagon are turning a blind eye and thus allowing it to continue to happen from Afghanistan to Abu Ghraib to Gitmo.

    Why can’t conservatives let our fine men and women in uniform do their jobs without inciting more terrorist violence by asking them to commit immoral and un-American torture?

    Are you saying you think torture is good and right? That somehow torturing people is moral and an American value? That’s sick and dimented.

    Here’s praying the scales fall from your eyes, GoRight.

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