John F. Kerry Champions Terrorist Agenda and Civil War.

Mr. John F. Kerry, the recent Democratic nominee for president and party leader, is now pushing for policy changes that would advance the interests of the insurgents in Iraq and potentially lead to all out civil war within that country by the end of 2006. Exactly why he would choose to align his policies with those of America’s enemies remains unclear. During the 2004 Presidential campaign Mr. Kerry endlessly reminded everyone on the face of the planet that he once received recognition for his brief tour of duty in defense of the United States during the Vietnam War, and that he once had some medals before he didn’t. So, this most recent flip-flop in his apparent allegiance remains as confusing as just about everything else he has ever said.

In Mr. Kerry’s long, rambling, and at times almost incoherent address at Georgetown University, he actually proposed giving the insurgents everything that they have been fighting for: the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from the region. It seems likely that this, in turn, could pave the way for the civil war which the Democrats have long been discussing, since all the insurgents would have to do is simply wait for the withdrawal so conveniently provided by Mr. Kerry.

Mr. Kerry’s proposal comes amid the reality on the ground in Iraq as expressed by Masoud Barzani, president of Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region:

“If the war does not end and if there’s any withdrawal from this, this would give a big opportunity for the terrorists and it will bring calamities in the end,” Barzani told Washington Post reporters and editors. “If the American troops decide to withdraw, the situation will deteriorate and we will have more of the external threats to the situation in Iraq. And any withdrawal right now might lead to a civil war in Iraq as well.” (Emphasis Added)

Again, it is difficult to understand Mr. Kerry, as the de facto leader and spokesman for the Democratic Party, taking this position in the face of these common sense realities. It is being reported that some people believe one possible explanation is that Mr. Kerry is actually suffering from Mad Cow’s Desease, which he likely contracted from his wife.


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