The left continues to call U.S. Troops failures…

Four Al-Qaeda figures get past thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan! An outrage….!

Here is yet another example of how the left continues to hammer away at the intentions and credibility of the average U.S. soldier. They may be outraged that four prisoners evaded our men and women in uniform, but you should be even more outraged that they would accuse them of “allowing this to happen.”

This is just an offshoot of the left’s tactics after the Vietnam War where they spit on returning GIs, called them “baby killers”, and the like.

I don’t know why the left in this country hates freedom so much, but they sure seem to want to keep us from bringing our freedoms to the people of the middle east.


3 Comments on “The left continues to call U.S. Troops failures…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    there is no documented account of ANYBODY spitting on returning GI’s. Douche Bag.

    The outrage over the escape has more to do with the fact that the prisoner was asked to testify in a case that would have highlighted abuse of prisoners at Gitmo.

    You are a fucking pussy and I wouldn’t spit on you if your hair was napalmed.

  2. dj angst says:

    I’ve read the post you’ve linked to and not a bit of it implies that our brave men and women in uniform are to blame.

    The post (and comments) imply that other more shady dealings may be going on, and the overarching blame lies upon the Bush Administration for de-emphasizing a legitimate war on terror (afghanistan) for an illegitimate war in Iraq for profit and theft.

    Your rhetoric is classic smoke and mirrors with unfounded urban myths propagated by the right wing chickenhawks since the 60’s.

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