Democratic Leadership is Already Floundering.

Daily Kos: Steny Hoyer next House Majority Leader
Daily Kos: Leadership battles divide Dems, apparently unite Republicans

Less than 2 weeks after a major win at the polls on November 7, the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives is already floundering badly. This past week has been marked by a civil war within the party concerning who should become the Majority Whip within the House of Representatives beginning next year. This raises serious questions about whether the presumed speaker to be, Nancy Pelosi, really has what it takes to run the people’s house. With this astounding display of her lack of control over her own party members, how does she ever expect to be able to control her Republican opposition?

This mark’s the soon to be speaker’s first major test of leadership where her hand picked choice was shot down by an unbelievably wide margin, 149 to 86. This does not bode well for her ability to deliver on the supposed mandate she has been given to try and rein in the Neocons and the War in Iraq. If this is any indication, the next two years should be quite an interesting display of bumbling incompetance.


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