Meteor Blades Gets "It"!

Daily Kos: OK, Then, YOU Tell US

Like last May 24 when you, in the word of a former Kossack, played crumplestiltskin in the first minute of the second round over supplemental funding for Iraq. Money that you knew would, in part, pay for a “surge” policy that many of you claimed you objected to. Last May you said yes to an unencumbered supplemental and no to a specific date for completing redeployment of U.S. troops from Iraq. In other words, you joined Republicans to smack a great big APPROVAL stamp on Stay the Course, although the policy isn’t actually called that any longer.

Yesterday, you did it again when you KOed Feingold-Reid. You could just as well have said to Mister Bush: “Sir, you’ve got us by the short hairs so we’re going to give you free rein on Iraq.” And, of course, you also had to add insult to injury and prove your bona fides as a loyal and patriotic rule-player by joining in a hypocrisy-laden smack-down of those who dared challenge the president’s spokesman. Because you’ve bought the paralyzing lie that a general in uniform is the military and must never be disrespected.

Emphasis mine.

But what do we learn from this? The point being made here is absolutely correct. Rather than General Patraeus betraying us, it is the Democrats in Congress who are betraying the left wing nut cases at DailyKos by refusing to do their bidding. Obviously the Democrat leadership in congress understands that cutting funding for the troops is just plain the wrong way to go and yet these nut cases persist. Obviously the Democrat leadership understands that to be loyal and patriotic one must show some level of respect to the leaders of our fighting men and women in uniform, and to support those men and women wherever they are, even in Iraq.

What Meteor Blades is clearly demonstrating here is that anything that IS being loyal and patriotic IS an insult and an injury to what these nut cases stand for. What Meteor Blades is clearly demonstrating here is that even HE understands that he and those like him are the very antithesis of loyal and patriotic, which is a point I have made many times.


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