Canadian Polar Bears doing Well?

Study shows polar bear increase in Davis Strait

One of the most visible scare tactics of the global warming alarmists is to show pictures of polar bears on ice flows with captions claiming that global warming is melting the ice and hurting the bears. So what do the people who actually study and inventory the number of bears say about this? Well at least as far as Canada is concerned it seems that the bears are doing just fine, too fine in fact, and they may become a problem which will have to be dealt with.

Climate change is not hurting polar bear populations in the Davis Strait area of Nunavut, according to Dr. Mitch Taylor, manager of wildlife research and a polar bear biologist with the GN’s Department of Environment.

In fact, polar bear populations along the Davis Strait are healthy and their numbers increasing, an ongoing study is indicating.

Reports in national and international press have projected that two-thirds of the world’s polar bear populations will be lost within 50 years due to the loss of sea ice.

Canada has two thirds of the world’s polar bears. Nunavut is home to 12 of Canada’s 13 polar bear populations, totalling an estimated 14,780.


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