Global Levels of Sea Ice Far from Alarming

Polar Sea Ice Cap and Snow – Cryosphere Today

Hyping concerns over the declining levels of sea ice in the Arctic seems to be a favorite theme among the global warming alarmists. Arctic sea ice is, in fact, at an historic minimum which must be proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming, correct? That is what the alarmists want you to believe, but be aware that they are trying to deceive you with selective data.

While the Northern Hemisphere is at an historic low for sea ice the Southern Hemisphere is near an historic high, so to a large extent the decreases in the Arctic are being offset by increases in the Antarctic. So how bad is the net change on a global level?

See for yourself here.

Things to note in the graph provided is that on a global scale the amount of sea ice has decreased by a little over 5% in the past 28 years. This is a far cry from the alarmist claims being made based on the Arctic alone. Other things of note include:

  1. Global level of sea ice typically varies from about +2 Million Square Kilometers to about -2 Million Square Kilometers relative to the 1979 through 2000 mean. We are currently at -1 Million Square Kilometers which appears to be well within the normal range of sea ice variation.
  2. We have absolutely no means of identifying whether the levels of sea ice being used as the reference (e.g. 1979-2000) are above normal, at normal, or below normal in relation to a larger historical context. If those years happen to be at a high point in the natural cycles of sea ice coverage then a downward trend for the past 28 years may not be anomalous at all. Without further historical data over a longer period of observation there is no way to say whether we should be alarmed by the observed decrease or not.

Despite the desperate attempts to convince you otherwise, the facts shown here indicate little, if any, cause for concern regarding global levels of sea ice.


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