The Obama Kill Order: Was Osama bin Laden Executed?

Yes, says a source who is no friend of George W. Bush:

Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed by a Navy SEAL team — he was straight up executed.
— Michael Moore in an exclusive interview with The Wrap, May 4, 2011

Given all of the conflicting narratives surrounding what actually happened during the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound it is not surprising that this claim is surfacing.  I am surprised by the source, though.  But maybe not.  This is Michael Moore’s type of issue.  You loved his Columbine.  He wow’ed you with Fahrenheit 9/11.  So why not this?

But before you go all kook nuttery on me, there is actually something to this.  There are a lot of legal scholars debating whether this killing was actually legal, or not.  Of course the Obama Administration claims they were completely legally justified, but other more independent voices are not so certain.  Obviously the Obama Administration was concerned about the whole legality issue which is why they were initially claiming that Osama bin Laden was an active participant in a firefight with the Navy SEALS who ultimately killed him.  They painted a picture of a fight straight out of a Hollywood script to insure that the official record could not be questioned.

But then another account came out in which only one person in the house was actually armed and they were killed on the first floor.  Osama was killed on the third floor and he was apparantly unarmed at the time.  This, of course, is now raising serious questions about whether the killing was justified.  And of course the White House has now ceased releasing any details regarding how the incident actually went down.  This is all very suspicious.  As was the haste with which Osama was sent to sleep with the fishes.

Taking Obama at his word that Osama was actually dispatched from this world we need to have the details of the raid released so that the legality of the operation can be properly assessed.  At a time when the Obama Administration is actively investigating the Bush era personnel who conducted the enhanced interrogations that pointed our intelligence community down the path of tracking Osama bin Laden down we need to also be mindful of excesses on the part of this administration.  After all, there are active investigations into whether the enhanced interrogation of a handful of terrorists violated the Geneva Conventions, so too should there be an investigation into whether Obama has likewise violated the Geneva Conventions by summarily executing Osama bin Laden.  Like it or not, if waterboarding is a violation of those conventions then an unlawful execution would certainly be a war crime.

I think we need to have an independent investigator look into whether Obama is guilty of a war crime here.  Given the current stance of this administration vis a vis the enhanced interrogations they should be self-consistent and seek an investigation into their own activities surrounding this raid.  The American people are owed the truth.

Now I have a lot more investigating to do on this subject.  I have not reached a final conclusion as of yet since there are too many facts out there which are not yet in evidence.  But the reading I have been doing thus far is not encouraging.  See for yourself, though.  I am attaching pointers to all of the material I have researched thus far for your continued consideration.

News Roundup:

General Material About the raid:

Regarding the differing accounts of the raid:

Regarding the kill order:

Regarding the legality of the killing:


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