Nailed: Why the Clean Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling is Just Hilarious

The GOP proposal, which would have raised the statutory borrowing cap to $16.7 trillion, did not get a single Republican vote and garnered just 97 Democrats in favor. Three-hundred-eighteen lawmakers voted ‘no,’ including 82 Democrats and all 236 Republicans in the chamber. Seven Democrats voted present.

House Democrats, at the urging of Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), voted against the legislation because he didn’t think it wise for Democrats to open themselves up to a “political 30 second ad,” he told reporters — a sign that Democrats are well aware of the peril with which they vote to pile onto the national debt without accompanying spending cuts.

House Republicans were looking for Democrats to fall right into that trap. Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) had 114 Democrats on a letter calling for such a vote. Betting that the national mood will back budget cuts and fiscal responsibility, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) responded to Welch and President Barack Obama’s call for a clean debt limit vote by scheduling one on the floor.

via House rejects debt increase – Jake Sherman – (Page1,Page2)

So the Democrats have been running around whining about how we need to raise the debt ceiling in a clean vote to save the country and the economy without any strings attached and when the Republicans call their bluff by actually scheduling exactly that, well then suddenly that’s a trap.  A panic stricken Steny Hoyer has to run around encouraging Democrats to vote against the very thing they wanted.

Totally and utterly busted, the Democrats are.  (A little Yoda speak for ya).

This just exposes how the Democrats are only interested in playing politics and not doing the right thing for the country.  If a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling, there very thing they had been lobbying so hard for all this time, was in fact the best thing for the country they would have backed it by voting for it.  Caving like this exposes how vacuous their previous pleas actually were, and still are.

They couldn’t even muster the 114 Democrats that had signed a letter calling for this exact vote.

The Republicans are really showing that they have the right stuff in this budget fight thanks in large part to the Tea Party influence.  The message is clear and even the Democrats have admitted it with this vote: It’s the Spending Stupid!


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