Sarah Palin ‘allegedly’ makes stop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

I read the following piece and it made my heart glow.  I could not help but think to myself, “you go girl!”  It is simply hilarious to watch how Sarah Palin with her common, everyday, outspoken ways just drives the liberals absolutely, nutcase crazy.  All she is doing is driving around the country with her family on a sight seeing tour and these guys are just beside themselves.  You gotta love Sarah and the way she is making monkeys of them all.  🙂

As the spotlight glows ever more brightly on Sarah Palin and her antics, this publication cannot help but ask: why does the nation care about someone who offers the public so little? It is sickening to reflect on the ridiculous amount of attention the media is giving the Palin family, yet it is impossible not to ask: Who was the young man Bristol seemed to be rubbing shoulders with at the Detroit Lakes stop?

Was he just another Palin well-wisher? Or could this camaraderie signal the start of yet another round of juicy scandal?

Once-respected newspapers and networks have lowered their journalistic standards to the level of The National Enquirer, yet the nation inquires: wouldn’t it be crazy if Mrs. Palin ran for president, and actually won?

The Palin bunch may be riding a luxurious, vainly-decorated tour bus, but the whole affair more resembles a train wreck than anything else: no one really wants to see it, but no one can look away. Though Palin defies logic and proper grammar at every turn, it is impossible to ignore her.

Media outlets — including this one, I now admit — provide this lunatic with an amount of press coverage historically reserved for people who have had a positive impact on the world, but America is hopelessly addicted to the One Nation spectacle. The media is simply the syringe that administers the fix that the public craves.

via Sarah Palin ‘allegedly’ makes stop in DL | DL-Online | Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.


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