Obama Worse Than Bush: Expands FBI Surveillance Powers on Ordinary Americans

Once again we see that Obama is nothing but George W. Bush on steroids.  The Democrats decried Bush’s policies as having “shredded the Constitution”.  Now we see Obama once again picking up where Bush left off and going even further.

Obama is out spending Bush.  Obama lied about closing Gitmo.  And now Obama is expanding the FBI’s ability to spy on innocent Americans with little or no oversight.  Not even the flimsiest of safeguards.

One now has to ask, “where are all the outraged Democrats?

The FBI sought Monday to downplay its expanded surveillance powers for agents as civil liberty groups sounded an alarm that the new rules not only make it easier for agents to investigate suspects but give them startling leeway to spy on ordinary Americans.

The changes are expected to be outlined in a new edition of the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, a lengthy 2008 document detailing how far agents can go in tracking suspects. They will expand the use of techniques ranging from dispatching surveillance teams to digging through trash cans.

Civil liberties groups were briefed on the policy changes in May, and came out of the meeting worried the changes would allow agents to investigate innocent people, with less oversight than before.

“It’s the government saying we can know all about your private life, but you can’t know what the government is doing,” Michael German, a former FBI agent now working with the American Civil Liberties Union, told FoxNews.com.

via FBI’s New Rules to Give Agents More Leeway on Surveillance – FoxNews.com.


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