Obama’s Illegal War of Aggression

Even after being called to task by Congress Obama is continuing his illegal slaughter of innocent civilians in Libya.  As has been pointed out by many this is a completely illegal war of aggression with no defined goals and no exit strategy.  It appears that the power hungry Obama is murdering civilians solely because he can.  Perhaps he is giddy with glee over the thought of the mangled corpses he has created.

Our purpose for being in Libya is completely unclear.  We all know that Libya did not attack us on 9/11/2001, Obama has allegedly already dispatched Osama bin Laden although literally no proof of this has ever been shown, so our mission is completely gratuitous and without merit.

Obama should be impeached for war crimes and crimes against humanity because of this outrageous abuse of Presidential powers.

In previous posts, I’ve gone into great detail about the various ways that the Obama Administration is violating the law, breaking promises made by candidate Obama, and ignoring prudential restraints on executive power. For now, I merely invite readers to ask themselves whether dropping ordinance on a country 132 times in three months constitutes war or hostilities – or neither, as Obama claims.

via The U.S. Attacked Libya at Least 132 Times in the Last 3 Months – Conor Friedersdorf – Politics – The Atlantic.


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