Gotta Love Sarah: Palin Continues to Make Monkeys of the Media

It is articles like this which raise the spirits.  Once again Sarah Palin has provided an astounding example of how the liberal media is written by a bunch of monkeys with typewriters.  Totally incompetent,  almost universally wrong, and always full of lies and misinformation the “lamestream media” step in it once again.

Follow the link and watch the Simpson’s clip.  It is a very apt illustration of how they are so desparate to catch her that they keep setting themselves up for a good whack up side the head.  🙂

Yesterday there was a relatively minor media frenzy over Sarah Palin canceling her bus tour. Now she says it’s on hold because she has jury duty, but she plans to pick up the tour at a later date. So all the people who were braying “QUITTER!!!” yesterday have to find new reasons it’s her fault. (For example, Mediaite’s Colby Hall goes with the “Look what you made me do!” angle.)

It’s been barely two weeks since the previous failed gotcha, when those 24,000 e-mails turned out to be disappointingly scandal-free. Then there was the time Palin magically made a crazy guy shoot a bunch of people by putting up a map he never saw. And then there was the time before that, and the time before that, on and on, going back to the first time you ever heard of her.

via An illustration of Palin-hate, courtesy of The Simpsons | The Daily Caller.


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